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Icksnay on the egativityNay

One of the greatest things I ever heard while working in an office was, “Don’t be drawn into the negativity”.

This is what this says to me: “We know we’ve done some reprehensible things to people in this department. Even though these people didn’t deserve to be treated so unfairly (and really, who does?), you should not feel sorry for them. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't feel anything at all. Come see us for pointers, we're experts at it.”

It’s one thing to say “Don’t gossip”. But it’s another when something shameful happens, rather publicly I might add, to an individual and you’re told to look the other way. This isn’t just about “keeping your nose clean”. This is like the German civilians looking the other way while the Nazis slaughtered millions of innocent people. Ok, so it’s not as dramatic – but you get my point, right? What would you think of your boss if you knew they screwed over an innocent co-worker or subordinate? Even if you kept quiet about it, I’m thinking you’d probably not have any nice thoughts about them in your mind.

So in this type of scenario: How would you stay away from the negativity? I mean, you could be next!

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