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History Proves That Not Every Leader Is a Good Boss

Just take a look at these, for example:

Sure, he’s the kind of guy that wants to have a good time. However, his idea of a good time involves watching various acts of barbarism over supper. So, if the company’s had a bad year, you and your team may be this year’s “entertainment” at the holiday party.

Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo is certainly a man known for getting things done. Not known for his “soft” skills, Niccolo invented throwing employees under the bus to move ahead centuries before it became fashionable.

General George Patton
This is a man who would require some training when it came time for giving annual performance reviews to his staff. Always known for being blunt, his opinions made him wildly unpopular with the masses. Kinda reminds me of a boss I once had. I shudder to think.

Count Dracula (a.k.a. Vlad III the Impaler)
Vlad III is another man known for getting things done as well as being a great strategist. Again, tick this boss off and he’ll impale you where you’ll die a very slow and painful death.

Mary, Queen of Scotts
Although she had the ability to rally the people to her cause (somewhat), she repeatedly made bad decisions that eventually landed her in a lot of trouble. Mary takes an updated approach to Machiavelli’s throwing people under the bus rule. Never one to admit mistakes, it would be crucial to keep a concrete paper trail to protect your own hide from Mary.

Sigmund Freud
Just think how infuriating this man would be to work for? You'd never really know what he was thinking, or you'd be wondering if he's analyzing your every last move. Forget about it if a problem arises; he'll start pulling you apart by telling you it's because of the relationship you have with your mother. Who wants to work for THAT?

Ike Turner
There's no pleasing this man (like SO many bosses I've had!). He had a groovy thing with Tina there for a while, but things went south REAL fast. If he was your boss, chances are he'd be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Working for Ike, you'd want to have your lawyer by your side. Oh yeah, and don't ever be late.

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