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We’ll Never Know

Many managers and senior executives don’t care why valued employees leave the company.

In the book 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, 89% of the managers polled believe that employees leave for more money, but 88% of employees actually leave for other reasons (like crazy managers).

At this rate, if people continue to fudge their exit surveys upon departure, no one will ever really know why people leave a company or be able to do anything about it. Most people, when they do an exit interview, are polite because they’re afraid to burn a bridge in case they may one day need a reference. Come on people, if the job sucked that bad and you were leaving because of it, wouldn’t you want to let someone know about it so it didn’t happen to the next person? I’m not suggesting that you be nasty or unprofessional about it. However, if you were passed over for a promotion or didn’t receive constructive feedback or whatever, I think it needs to be said for the record.

Exit interviews may be hard for some people, I get that. But if people never say anything, they will never be heard. Ya dig?

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