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Quit Your Whining!

Plain and simple: everyone whines. However, there is a line between what is tolerated and what isn't. Here's what I mean: You come home from a miserable day at the office and just want to wallow in self pity to anyone who will listen. Most of your friends or family will be sympathetic and lend you a shoulder. Over time though, people get tired of hearing the same tune (believe me, I KNOW!).

Here's my beef with listening to someone else's sob story: You have my sympathy when it comes to dealing with a bad boss, coworker or whatever it may be at work (or in any other aspect of your life for that matter). I offer my advice when solicited and hopefully I make you feel better about your situation. If you do not follow my advice(or anyone else's), that's fine too. But if you do nothing and choose to pursue no course of action, then you will CEASE to receive my kind words. Frankly, I'll probably tell you to buzz off and get over it until you decide to take control of your situation. If you don't help yourself, then no one else can (or will want to) help you either.

I've said this countless times before: you have options. HR may not help you; but it still should be considered if you have tried other paths with your supervisors or those you are in conflict with. You need to do what you can. If that all fails, and sometimes it does, you can always quit your job. It's not usually smart to do so without a plan, but you can put one together and give yourself a target cut-off date. Do one thing everyday - regardless of how small - to help you move toward a better situation. I tried this approach (and it wasn't easy either), but it worked!

So quit your whining and start planning and doing!

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