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Are You a New Manager or Just Stupid?

It’s important to realize that when you’re newly promoted into a management position, you’re not going to “get it” all at once. It will take some time and probably learning some tough lessons in order to become truly effective as a leader. Incidentally, there are individuals who have been in management roles that still don’t get it right – and have no business being in leadership roles.

Just because you’re somebody’s boss does not make you a leader. As a new manager, there’s lots to know and learn. Take a peek at the following 5 points as a brief guide (Trust me, I’ve been there before!):

Allow your staff the freedom to do their job. This encourages creativity which offers new solutions to problems and more efficient ways of doing old tasks. New managers don’t always get this right the first time around. Just because something’s always been done a certain way does not make it right.

Don’t fall into the trap of micromanagement! It’s important as a manager to learn how to delegate responsibility properly. Let others have a shot at doing their jobs and learning new things. Besides, micromanagers look like helpless weasels with OCD. Help grow another’s self-esteem; get out of the way and let them do their job.

Don’t just tell others what to do! Stop for a minute before you speak and just listen to what your staff is saying. Good communication is the key to any successful relationship. If you think management is just bossing someone around, smack yourself. Get this thought through your head: It’s not about you.

Find a mentor. This is crucial if you expect growth in your career. Following the advice of someone who’s “been there” before can save you from yourself. It helps to know which pitfalls to avoid and which opportunities you should take advantage of for further growth opportunities and learning.

Expect mistakes. They’re going to happen anyway – just realize that it’s not the end of the world. Pick up the pieces, dust yourself off and move on. Mistakes are lessons learned – don’t forget them! This also goes for your staff – don’t hang them out to dry if they screw up… remember, we’re all human. Don’t lose touch with that.

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