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Think Getting Promoted is the Hard Part?

Think again! It’s great that you finally got that promotion into a managerial position, but now you’ll have to prove that you’re worthy of the spot. Believe me, that’s easier said than done. While you most likely have the knowledge of the job which is what got you in, you now need to know how to supervise others.

Unfortunately, you don’t usually get a neat little handbook on how to effectively manage a team. However, there is a general guide you can follow. (Incidentally there’s an interesting article about this very topic here). While I won’t get into all of it today, I will start with the following:

Just remember – it’s never about you. So, while YOUR boss may love you to death, one wrong move with your staff and you’ll drown. If you have terrible people skills (and if you just don’t care) you can very easily misguide your otherwise bright employees. Don’t laugh: I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen talented people reduced to ashes once the wrong manager got through with them. It’s such a shame.

On the other hand, bright employees see what’s going on and hit the road fast. They realize that a bad manager will anchor them in the bulls***. Then you’ll be responsible for losing good employees. Of course, if you’re that bad, you’ll believe that they’re the problem and then seek to make them look even worse to your boss (who will probably continue to stand behind you).

Don’t be a bad boss… get a clue… ask for guidance and realize that your team is not the enemy.

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