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Redeeming Value?

As I promised yesterday...

Once you’ve been voted out of the "in" crowd at the office, you should really just throw in the towel and move on. It is usually not code for “try harder to get back into our good graces”.

I had witnessed someone who, time and again, did whatever they needed to do to get back into favor with the powers-that-be. It was so pathetic. Unfortunately, what that meant was: Someone was going to be a casualty of this effort. Even “light” conversation around this person needed to be highly guarded as anything you might say would be twisted around and then presented to the head of the department ("See how I look out for us? You should torment this other person instead of me"). As I said, pathetic.

It was not uncommon for improper subjects to emerge in performance reviews given by this person (“So… I hear that so-and-so is involved with so-and-so…”). How is THAT relevant to anybody’s review? That’s GOSSIP, not valuable advice leading someone toward a higher career path.

If this person asks you if you’re interested in pitching for a particular job promotion and you’re reluctant to answer, beware: this person will still go to the head of the group (or your own boss) and tell them so that they look good and you get tossed into the hot water. As a note: this is a popular tactic for this ne’er-do-weller. Speaking of hot water: if you suspect that this going on around you, you should be on full alert: you might be like the frog who doesn't realize that he's in water that's getting increasingly hot. By the time you realize it, you'll be boiled... and oh yeah, dead (or at least in political terms).

When I heard the stories surrounding this person I always wondered why they didn’t “get it”. I mean, at some point, you need to just pack it in – I’m sure that the powers that be at that company were well aware of what this person was capable of and was probably not trusted. What a troublemaker.

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