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Let the Negative Feedback Fly!

Today, in my endless quest for unending research and far too many details, I came across an interesting blog: Management Skills Blog.

While I haven’t yet had the time to give it the ‘ol critical eye, today’s post caught my attention. Appreciation Feels Goofy touches the subject of managers giving appropriate praise where it is due to their staff. You’ve heard me go off on this before: I had a manager once who used to get her panties all up in a twist over this very idea:

“Why should I give you praise for doing your job? This is what you get paid for.” Gee, thanks Boss.

Now here’s what I found interesting about this post: Tom Foster explains to the manager in his story that as a manger, they would point out a mistake to an employee, right? A manager should (constructively of course) point out the error to avoid it the next time. The same should be done with mistakes or areas that “need attention”.

Then someone left a comment to Tom’s post remarking how giving praise takes practice.

Well let me tell you how many managers I know of that have plenty of practice beating up their staff over “mistakes” like commas, font, and color in emails! They don’t seem to be too shy over letting their staff know where they went wrong do they? And yet, when I’ve questioned it (the giving positive reinforcement part), I got the response that “that’s what you get paid for.”

For some people, there aren’t enough management training courses to show them the light. I hang my head and sigh. *sigh*

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