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20 Questions for Your Boss

I got a big kick out of this article from Poynteronline.com about how to get along better with your boss.

Following normal logic, I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with each point the writer makes. People don’t usually think about “managing up” when it comes to their day-to-day responsibilities. If you have a good job with reasonable upper management, then by all means, this would be the way to proceed.

The reason I think this is a hoot is because I couldn’t begin to imagine having tried these tactics on bosses I’ve known.

These are the questions raised by the writer to be answered by the employee over time:

Twenty Questions about Your Boss:

1. Preferred method of giving info to me:
Numerous emails, phone calls, hourly meetings, passing notes under the stall in the ladies’ room.

2. Preferred method of getting info from me:
Water torture, the rack

3. Biggest current pressure:
The inability to manage (anything)

4. Stands for these values, first and foremost:
Backstabbing and dishonesty; dirty politics

5. Biggest "hot button":
When the subordinates stand up for themselves

6. Passion outside of work:
You mean there’s life outside the office?

7. Has expertise in:
Making others miserable

8. Lacks expertise in:
People and communication skills

9. Vision for our organization:
Removing me from it

10. Would be really hurt if someone:
Slammed an ice pick through their eye

11. Best boss my boss ever worked for:
All of them that told her what to do

12. Expects this from me when there's a small problem:
To be present so she can rant and disparage me whether the problem has anything to do with me or not

13. Expects this from me then there's a big problem:
To commit hari kari

14. Will not compromise when it comes to:
Being proven wrong

15. Considers a great day at work to be:
Making others cry

16. Handles pressure by:
(see #15)

17. Is respected by her/his bosses for:
Fulfilling their dirty deeds

18. Respects others for:
The same

19. Has a blind spot about:
Being right about anything

20. Thinks I'm great at:
Being wrong

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