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"I'm Not a Micromanager!"

…those are the exact words from my bat-$@%#-crazy manager’s mouth earlier today. She called me into her office for a meeting and closed the door behind me. Right there that’s a bad sign.

This was a follow-up to the “discussion” that we had last Friday (read that story in This_is_a_No-Win_Situation ). My Idiot Boss wanted to know why I missed the deadline for my quarterly report. It felt like déjà vu to me, but I went along for the ride anyhow.

I read recently that the only way to make your boss happy is to do your work the way that THEY would do it. Problems arise from individuals with differing work styles attempting to come together. Bottom line: at the end of the day it’s not about you… it’s about your boss. Make them happy and you’ll be a superstar.

On that note, last Friday I asked my manager for her suggestions on how I could approach my responsibilities better. I’m doing what I’m doing day-to-day and getting things done my way. But for some reason that’s not making her happy. Forget about not being happy, the woman is outright pissed at me – and I don’t know why! So as I said, I’m asking her what it is that she’s looking for, and asking for her recommendations on how best to go about getting it.

It would seem to me that if someone approaches you seeking your advice, you’d be flattered that they held you in high enough regard. I mean, they must want to hear what you have to say, no? Of course, since I want to make every day at work as minimally painful as possible, I want to know what she thinks.

Mind you, I don’t CARE about what she thinks… I’m just trying to make my day-to-day work experience less painful than root canal.

Last Friday when I first asked her that question she stared blankly at me in response. Well today when I asked her the same question she actually voiced words to answer me. She said the things that worked for her were:

A-Working through lunchtime
B-Working late at night
C-Bringing work home
D-Working over the weekend.

I should have asked her at what point she sacrifices her firstborn to the company.

Anyhow, when she told me this I just said to her that these were not good answers to “working better” or “working smarter”. What she’s suggesting is just “working longer”. She had NO other suggestions on how to work better… no recommendations. What an idiot.

I am at this company now for several years. For a solid chunk of that time I would come in early and stay late. On an average, I probably worked no less than 10 hours a day. I used to bring work home and yes, I had come in over a weekend or two from time to time.

I will tell you what working overtime got me: Screwed.

At this point in our meeting today I told my manager that I had ZERO motivation for working beyond my scheduled hours of 9am to 6pm. It’s almost 3 years since I’ve had a raise, 5 ½ years since I’ve had a promotion, my yearly bonuses are practically non-existent when at my level, they should be “cushy” and on top of all that, they blatantly lie about me in my annual reviews. Oh, and Inhuman Resources said that my manager is allowed to write whatever she likes about me in those reviews.

Isn’t this the kind of company you’d want to work for everyday?

So I more or less told her that overtime was over. However, I also told her that in an emergency I would stay. Just last night I stayed until 7:30pm (and considering that I don’t work overtime anymore, this was late).

When I told her that I wouldn’t stay after hours anymore, she told me that it made me a bad manager. Coming from her it means nothing.

Getting back to what I said above about making your boss happy – if you can do this, great. You should always try to go the path of working WITH someone… at least be willing to do so. If you’re working for human beings, this method ought to work.

It’s my rotten luck that I don’t work for human beings.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, bang your head against a brick wall. Then repeat the motion. If at all possible, bang your Idiot Boss’ head against a brick wall and repeat. That might make you feel better.

Enjoy : )

Postal Pete says:

PiedPiper, to quote the soon to be ex-president of my division at work, "You're a good manager when your job becomes obsolete"
Hence, when you hire intelligent, motivated people, there is absolutely no f'in need to be up their ass. Keep in mind this particular gentleman is climbing his way up the corporate ladder of the Walt Disney Company and will be probably be running the entire corporation in a few years.

All I see your boss running, is the Nike Sweatshop in Indonesia. Who put this woman in charge of actual people? She really belongs in a corner, (make that the basement)of a building, and should only be allowed up for crackers & waters once a day!

"Work on Weekends"- WTF?
Tell her, "I'll work on weekends, alright, I will work on how to dispose of you, THAT I can put aside a few hours for on Saturday, no problem!"

I'm surprised her baby has not been put to work already! A## Hole!
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