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In Cahoots with My Dentist

Pretty much everyone I talk to knows my work situation. This goes for my dentist as well.

My dentist isn't like other dentists. He's a fast-talking, loud-mouthed New Yorker. Plus he's a joker. He made me laugh while I was having my root canal done. Impressive, huh?

Well, I'd been telling him and his assistant about my situation at the office. Like everyone else I told, they were horrified by the events that happened.

As I had also mentioned to everyone, I'd been job-hunting for almost 18 months. I've interviewed at every major competitor of my current company. The last place I interviewed at showed a great deal of promise. They called me back for 4 meetings. The last one was mid-morning one Thursday several weeks back.

I came up with a good excuse to tell my Idiot Boss so she wouldn't question me too hard about where I was going. I decided to tell her that I had a dental emergency involving the tooth that I was having the work on. So I told my dentist about the excuse and he offered to write me a doctor's note to bring into work.

Sure enough, he wrote the letter and printed it out on nice letterhead and placed it in an envelope. When I went back to work the morning of my last meeting, the story worked very well. I handed the note to my Idiot Boss and not only did she not question me about my time out of the office, but she even commented on the nice letterhead.

There's people far and wide hoping I get out soon enough. And yes, I'm still waiting to hear back on the job. I just had to share that little story with you.

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