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Once Upon a Root Canal

Several weeks ago I had the unfortunate experience of my first – and hopefully last - root canal procedure. All-in-all, I have to say it wasn’t SO bad. I mean, when you have to work everyday with what I have to work with, suddenly root canal doesn’t look so ugly.

So I did what I had to do and dealt with it. My dental appointments were scheduled during lunch hours. That said, I had to go back one time to be fitted for a crown. As I mentioned, this was my first root canal so I didn’t really know what I was getting into, right?

This one particular appointment was set for 2pm, which was later than the time I normally took for lunch. I cleared it with The Supreme Micromanager a day in advance and explained what I was having done. Ok.

The next day, I reminded my Idiot Boss about the late lunch hour and the dental appointment. She said “Ok”.

Long story short, my appointment ran well over the 1-hour time I allotted for it. But what am I supposed to do? I can’t exactly call the boss and say I’ll be late - half my head is numb, and I have dental paraphernalia protruding from my mouth – not exactly the right time for conversation.

It ran 45 minutes over.

I got back to the office with a wretched headache from the drill and stabbing hunger pangs since I hadn’t had the chance to eat before the appointment. When I stopped by the Idiot Boss’s office to say that I was back, she looked at me with the stoniest expression I’d ever seen on anyone. She made Stonehenge look like one big featherbed.

“Where were you?” She demanded.

Huh? “I was at the dentist, just as I told you.”

“You were gone a long time I had no idea what happened to you.”

Mom? Is that you? Am I 15 again? Did the dentist administer something other than straight-up Novocain? As if the root canal wasn’t enough damage for one day, I had to take this abuse from my bat-#$@% crazy manager.

“Uh…(checking to be sure no saliva ran out of the corner of my mouth), I told you that I was going to the dentist. He had to fit me for a crown. It took longer than we thought and I couldn’t call you. Sorry.”

"Well, I want to know how you're going to make the time up."


"I'll work through lunch tomorrow. Again, I'm sorry."

Yeah, I was sorry that the procedure was over and that I had to go back to the office. Having root canal was more fun than my job. Actually, I take that back… I can handle the job. So let’s just say that root canal was more fun than facing my boss on even her best day.

I’m sorry that she hates me and sabotages my work every day.
I’m sorry that she lacks all people skills and shouldn’t be allowed to manage so much as an ant farm.
I’m sorry that I have to suffer the daily abuse and wonder if today will be my last day at the job - and in an industry I've worked in for almost 12 years.
I’m REALLY sorry that in the last 2 years I have been unable to find suitable employment elsewhere to get away from the Idiot Boss and heal my wounds.

I really do try my best not to wallow in self pity.

I’m NOT sorry however, that enduring this garbage everyday for far too long has forced me to take hold of my future and start my own business. If I can work this hard for someone else and handle that abuse, think of what I can do for myself.

And yes, I’m on my way. Stay tuned.

PostalPete Says:

PiedPiper, what you probably should have done was, while you had 17 apparatus' in your mouth, you should have signaled to the nurse by "blinking" out your sentence. You should have said, would you please call my idiot boss and tell her I will be longer than expected. Do you have any remains of the bloody cotton from your mouth, becasue you should choke her with it!

She really sounds like she is too stupid to live.

You have an alibi!
Morse code!!! Why hadn't I thought of that? Oh wait, that's right... I'm not capable of intelligent thought. Blinking would have been good... or sending up smoke signals even.

I just don't get it. My own mother didn't even treat me that way when I was a child.
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