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Open Call for Idiot Bosses: National Idiot Boss Association Membership Drive for 2006

Don’t be left out in the cold! With the new year fast approaching, now is the time to join the National Idiot Boss Association – or to renew your previous membership.

ABOUT US: Founded in 2004, NIBA consists of a rag-tag group of micro-managers, bullies, control freaks, headmaster-managers (the grammar-freaks), dictator-managers, and generally imbalanced morons with massive self-esteem issues.

NIBA’s MISSION: To provide a forum for sucking the life out of everyone that works for you and for promoting the most unprofessional managerial styles known to man; to serve as a catalyst for the displacement of bright and motivated individuals in all aspects of business; to promote and support malevolent endeavors through the NIBA Foundation.

WHAT WE DO: Through various, dedicated managerial “slaughter house” committees, NIBA holds about 365 events per year (after all, most of us work weekends as we expect our staff to do. We do not support any semblance of family life and recommend a ritual sacrifice of each member’s firstborn (or family pet)). We do not promote Work-Life balance. If you do, then go hug a tree; we don’t want you. Each of our hackneyed programs aims to devalue career skills and push back current industry trends at least 40 or so years. If you stink at what you do, confuse, derail and demean your staff at every opportunity then this association is for you.

Sign up now!!! And don’t forget to bring a friend (if you have any, that is).

NIBA’s next calendar event:
January 11 – Boardroom Breakfast
I.M. AMORON, CEO Murders and Executions, New York City
The Morningstar Times Building
The 7th Circle of Hell
(1/4 of a mile west of the river Styx)
Mismanagement Weekly recently called him...
"The most debasing man in business, and one of the dumbest."
We can all learn something from him.
NIBA will salute those traits and many more as members of the bad-business-practices and micro-management community "Roast and Toast I.M. AMORON."

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