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The Ultimate Insult, Part II: “Miss-Management”

During my annual review earlier this year, “Mis-Manager” said many things to me. One of them was that I lacked the expertise required to fulfill my role. She was referring to a previous role in which I had worked until the November prior. Same title, different (better) area of the department.

When I asked her for an example she came up empty. “Well,” she said, “you don’t show strength in your responsibilities. You’re not the expert at what you do.”

Hel-lo??? The job I was in was created FOR me and which I built from the ground level up. I conducted research, informational interviews, wrote policy, gave presentations and trained company employees across the country. It was all done to develop a new area of our department. I did that job for 5 years. I was a pioneer.

Yet, I lacked the expertise.

I continued to ask for an example and she continued to come up empty.

After that initial meeting, I collected my documentation. In it, I included my presentations, the list of reports I created, the processes I put in place and last – but not least – dozens of thank-you notes and various commendations from many individuals I brushed shoulders with on a daily basis. There were a total of about 30 commendations taken over a six-month period of time.

When I brought the documentation into my next meeting with the Idiot Boss, she called me “inappropriate” for including the commendations. Then I told her that she was “inappropriate” for saying that I was “inept” in my job and not providing so much as one example where I fell short.

Then she called me insubordinate and I got into ALOT of trouble. Let me tell you, you can be 100% right and still be 100% fired.

Well, I didn't get fired. But 8 months later, I’m still waiting for an answer from her.

Gosh I love my job.

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