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What Flavor of Crazy is Your Boss?

I've taken a few minutes to outline some Toxic Bosses. Which one do you work for?

The Doctor Manager: Manages you on a cellular level

The CSI Manager: Manages your DNA

The Construction Manager: Always throws roadblocks in your path

The Tazmanian Devil Manager: Whips through the office like a tornado and un-does all your hard work in seconds

The Sociopath Manager: My bat-$#%@-crazy manager

The Narcissistic Manager: Demands the red-carpet treatment while getting the morning coffee

The Martyr Manager: Works 22 out of 24 hours a day… how come you don’t?

The Jell-O Manager: Spineless

The Frustrated School Teacher Manager: Tells you where to put your commas

The Robot Manager: Since it isn’t human, it has no feelings and shows no emotions

The Blamethrower Manager: It’s always your fault… regardless of whether you can prove otherwise

The Venus Fly Trap Manager: Interesting to look at, but will swallow you whole if you get too close

Attila the Manager: Will storm in and beat you to the ground and expect you to genuflect

The 3rd Reich Manager: Annihilates all employees who report to him.

Postal Pete Says...

Pied Piper, it seems like you work for all of these types of managers. How could one boss fall under every single one of these categories? Hmmmm....there seems to be one category left out though...

"The poor manager who had no idea what hit her!"
A.K.A.: The Train Wreck Manager
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