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Benefits of Eliminating Hostile Language:

I picked up these little nuggets from a book titled How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable by Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D.:

Better health at a low cost:
-Angry cynical people are five times as likely to die under 50 as people who are calm and trusting.

-The data have been there for years: People with close, stable, supportive relationships live longer and suffer less illness than loners.

-Scientists have long noted an association between social relationships and health. More socially isolated or less socially integrated individuals are less healthy, psychologically and physically, and more likely to die.

-Communication is vitally linked to our bodies and is probably the single most important force that influences our health or lack of health… There is no cause of death that does not kill people who are lonely at significantly higher rates than those who had satisfying lives with others.

-People who are cynical or have hostile attitudes or suppressed anger have been found to have more atherosclerosis and blockage of coronary arteries. And they are more likely to experience heart attacks.

She goes on to say that “constant sarcasm, constant belittling, constant nagging, are just as dangerous as the constant shouted obscenities that are more common as part of a pattern of physical abuse.”

Interesting, huh?

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