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Welcome to the Toolbox

I am full of vitriol today. I was stuck in a project from hell this past week. It almost made me wish that my root-canal-gone-bad-infected-tooth wasn’t pulled yet. That was more fun. At least I knew then that there was anesthesia coming.

One of the reasons I was placed in hell (other than drawing the unlucky short-stick for the past 2 years), is because someone failed to do their job which put me in the direct line of fire with Miss Manager.

In order for me and my team to complete the project at hand, we needed information from a Third Party individual who also works in my department. This Third Party supplied us with incorrect information THREE TIMES and then proceeded to LIE ABOUT ME to my boss to cover their ass.

Isn’t that delightful?

Knowing what you folks know about my situation, you can imagine how well this went over with my bat-$#@%-crazy manager. Even though the Third Party person was blatantly WRONG, it fueled the doubts already in Miss Manager’s mind about me.

Then, as I went to my Idiot Boss to tell her – for the 3rd time – that the information given to us was incorrect, she mentioned that she spoke to HER manager about it. Apparently, whatever we saw as “incorrect” on the report wasn’t in fact “wrong”. Oh really? When we received it we were told that it was the “final” version. So, when “Point A” is actually supposed to be “Point B”, it’s NOT wrong? When I asked my manager this, she only shrugged her shoulders. That’s just great.

What I’d like to know is, why are they protecting the Third Party so much? How did they get to be the pet?

What’s even nicer is that I was passed over for a promotion by this bright and shining Third Party last year. It’s nice to see how hard work, dedication and having half a brain pay off.

The reality of the fact it that you are the wrong sex. Miss Managers' MEAN bosses bat swings the wrong way. That's how I came up with the 3rd party individual's nickname BSB aka back street boy because big MEAN mister manager wants to back street him.
Methinks this Greg fellow wasn't reading your post.
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