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2,000 Emails

It’s interesting how much stuff you accumulate at the office. I’ve learned from previous experiences that it’s easier to leave as much home as possible. It really stinks when you finally leave your job (or get fired) and then carry home 10 pairs of shoes.

When things really started going south for me at he office, I learned to take as much with me as possible to prepare for a last-minute departure. Interestingly enough, it hasn’t happened. Probably won’t happen either. Either way, I am fully set to walk out the door almost completely empty-handed.

One other thing I’ve been doing as the number of days left at my job dwindles is delete unnecessary files on my computer. This is something that I made a point of mentioning 2 days ago. Since I know I’m going, I’m lightening the load. There is nothing personal left on the pc (not that there was much to begin with). However, I wanted to share the fact that over the last 3 days I’ve deleted 2,000 emails. It seems I’ve had emails save from when I started almost 7 years ago. There’s more yet. It's still too early to get rid of them all, but a little at a time till ZERO.

The countdown continues…

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