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Another One Bites the Dust...

I.P. Freely emailed me a good resignation story - his. Some of you may recognize I.P. from comments he's left on my previous posts. This is the true story of how he left his job. I believe this went down today:

"I wanted to tell you this story of how my boss, when I cancelled a business trip to Bulgaria rather than waste company time / resources (not to mention a trip I was never asked if I wanted to go on, but was told I was) became a little unhinged.

So... after debating and writing an elegant and polite letter of resignation which included my 2 weeks notice, I wrote a new letter. I offered the 2 weeks, but since the boss had suspended me effective Sunday afternoon, I wrote:

'Please accept this letter as my official notice of resignation. I am offering my two weeks notice as a courtesy; however, since I have been suspended indefinitely by your email of February 26, 2006, and in the absence of an employee handbook outlining such procedures, I understand that my resignation will take effect immediately.

Please note that State X General Law requires that an employee, leaving service, be paid in full upon the next payroll date (March 6th per Company X Policy). In addition to my regular base salary, I am enclosing the following as a breakdown of the commissions received by Company X prior to February 27, 2006 and due myself.

So I show up at the office, and he's not there (it's 9AM). So I go to the post office and mail him a copy of the letter, certified mail, return receipt requested (He won't sign for it, I know that much). So I drive back to the office, and after having a brainstorming chat with my friend, realized that my boss' wife is on the board of directors of the corporation, and as such, I can tender resignation to her.

However, he's there.

Deep breath. Ring bell 5 times. I finally open the door with my keys for the last time.

I walked into the office.

"Here is my letter of resignation."


I handed him a bag full of cell phone, work related crap, and etc. "Here's all the articles that belong to Company X that are in my possession, including work credit cards. The balance of the work credit cards are in that desk drawer right there."


I picked up a 'Get Fuzzy calendar'. "This is my only personal effect I want or need."


"Thank you."


I walked out into the sunset. Well, kinda into the sunrise, but meh, it sounded more dramatic the first time."

-IP Freely

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