b Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl: PAYBACK!!!




I’ve been grinning most of the day today. Yes, I’ve been at work and smiling.

It seems as though Miss Manager has been called on the carpet for a DOOZY of a mistake 5 YEARS IN THE MAKING. Not only that, it was a costly one as well. Unfortunately, I cannot share that information with you folks, but believe me – it was big. Like, if it was me I’d have been fired for certain.

As it turns out, this was an error that could have – and should have – been caught. It wasn’t. AND IT CAN’T BE BLAMED ON ME!!!

However, the climate in the office reflected the turn of events. There was a discernable edge to her voice today when I said Good Morning. She had quick answers for me and was all up in my stuff this afternoon trying to make up for how lousy she was feeling, no doubt.

When I say “all up in my stuff” I should specify, my 2 new employees’ “stuff”. The two *new* people I have are NEW and doing a splendid job so far (as if I could pick anyone short of a winner!). This afternoon, after one of them made a SMALL “faux pas” (which I attended to immediately), my bat-$#@%-crazy manager asked me if they were in fact working out and if we should keep them. She wanted to know what the conversation was that I had with the employee and what had caused the “faux pas” in the first place.

“Uhhh… a typo?” was my answer. That thrilled her.


So anyhow, I recognized that she wanted to make herself feel better by stomping on someone lower. But as I said, I couldn’t stop smiling all day because it finally came back to her.


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