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Resignation Week

Getting a new job can be exciting. But before you start downing the celebratory cocktails, there’s one necessary item that needs to be addressed: The Resignation Letter. I’ve decided that this week will be dedicated to the final “Good-bye” when leaving a job. So, throughout the week, I’ll explore different resignation letters and how to write the one best suited to your needs.

Most people will advise (myself included) that it’s important to keep things professional and to the point. In most cases, you don't want to burn bridges because you really never know if you'll cross paths again or if you need a reference.

The standard resignation letter should include the following information:

· State your intention to resign
· Share your reason (totally optional)… relocation, acceptance of another offer, etc.
· Mention 2 weeks’ notice as a professional courtesy
· Indicate the final date of employment
· Include a “thank you” to the employer for the opportunity to work for the organization (again, totally optional).

The letter can be written just to state the facts or include (as professionally as possible) the reason(s) for the departure.

Before I end tonight, I’d like to share with you a resignation letter that made me laugh so hard, I cried. It can be found online at www.shanemcdonald.com

"Dear So-and-So:

Please take note of the fact that I am hereby tendering my resignation from ***, effective, September 1, 2000.

While I have a high degree of personal respect for you and the opportunities you have offered me, I am no longer comfortable working for a technology organization largely populated by politocrats, vengeful rivalries, and fiefdoms reminiscent of imperial Chinese literature. In fact, I dare say that I would rather be tied in a leather bag with ravenous, rabid ocelots than remain at this company any longer than the next two weeks.

It was my sincere hope that the reptilian extraterrestrial tyrants who clandestinely own and operate the Technology Group would reveal themselves during my tenure here, but it appears they are far cannier then I ever gave them credit for. Hopefully, their insidious plot to befoul the Americanfinancial industry with foolish and ill-advised technology policies will eventually be revealed, but until then it seems their plans may march on uncontested. I give you due credit, for choosing to remain here to fight this hideous alien menace from within.

God's speed, and may the Force be with you.

Employee X"

I've already written my resignation letter... I just have to present it to him on either Saturday or Monday (he's out of town all week on vacation with the family), AFTER I come up with a convenient excuse why I'm not leaving on Saturday for a week in Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Fun times. I'll keep you posted, but shit will hit the fan, oh yeah. Plus I already contacted a lawyer since he'll try and screw me out of my $7500 in accumulated commissions.
Hi I.P.,

What a situation you're in. True, it's ugly and most likely will get uglier. I feel your pain.

Until my next post comes out, you may want to check out my company website (link is on this page). Check out the "From My Blog" page for links to articles on quitting/resigning. Maybe it'll help.

Till later Mr.Freely... hang tough!!!
I got excited when i got the email to check the blog. The subject heading grabbed me, however I was hoping you resigned. I will be waiting for that Golden Day!
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