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Say Goodnight, Gracie

In the spirit of Resignation Week (which is now wrapping up), I decided to share something with you. You know how some websites have those fun little quizes that you can take to show you how smart you are, or romantic, or adventurous? Well I found one on http://www.kissmyfreckledassbye.com/quiz.html to determine if I should quit my job.

Here's what it said in response to my answers:

"You should definitely quit your job. You're using your job as an excuse not to do what you are really meant to. Obviously, who you are and what you do are solidly connected in your mind. Chances are your very spirit is entrepreneurial, or you have a deep- seeded disrespect for all authority, or you have to do something that is eating at you for your neglect it. Quit already. Go, start your own company, write the novel, paint the picture. People like you, at your stage of life really shouldn't be working for anyone else."

Hmmmm. I'm down to little more than a month folks.

The following is another interesting resignation letter that was also found on www.kissmyfreckledassbye.com:

Dear Sir (and I use that term loosely as I have not a smidgeon of respect for you),

It gives me the utmost pleasure to tender my resignation. As I have never been permitted to tender an opinion before, I will now do so with oh so much abandon! You are an arrogant little twit who has little regard for your staff unless they come in a five foot two package with enormous mammaries, a vapid, but pretty face and a mammoth lack of brain cells...that is how you place value on individuals, never mind their intellectual worth or the expertise they bring to the company. You have been abusive and vile in the extreme which is why your staff ridicule you and refer to you as Napoleon (only he was taller I believe). In short (and ain't that appropriate), you are a bloody-minded little man who is self gratifying, self absorbed and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I would like to say I have enjoyed the experience of working alongside you, but having ventured into the corporate structure as you perceive it, I would prefer to eat my own vomit.

Au Revoir.

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