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Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can’t Bully

The following is taken from www.bullyonline.com It briefly details the difference between a *Good* manager (yay!) and a Bully (boo!). Hopefully you’re more familiar with the first list than with the second.

A Good Manager:
- Leader
- Decisive
- Accepts responsibility
- Fair, treats all equally
- Respectful and considerate
- Leads by example
- Confident
- Good interpersonal skills
- Motivates
- Builds team spirit
- Uses influencing skills
- Cares about staff, the business, etc
- Listens, guides, instructs
- Has high expectations (that staff will do well)
- Shares fairly
- Shares information freely
- Focused on the future
- Respected

The Bully:
- Coward
- Random, impulsive
- Abdicates responsibility
- Inconsistent, always critical, singles people out, shows favouritism
- Disrespectful and inconsiderate
- Dominates, sets a poor example
- Insecure, arrogant
- Poor interpersonal skills
- Demotivates
- Divisive, uses manipulation and threat
- Alienates, divides, creates fear and uncertainty
- Cares only about self
- Tells
- Has low expectations of everybody
- Controls and subjugates
- Withholds information, releases selectively, uses information as a weapon
- Obsessed with the past
- Loathed

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