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Every Second Counts

It’s a given that employees are paid for working an agreed-upon amount of time. The work hours are typically established before one begins a new job.

It’s a given as well that any time missed should be made up. If you come in a little late, stay a little late after hours. You guys know the drill. Do your best to be at work on time and work the allotted time. It also shows some amount of respect for your co-workers who show up and work when expected.

Now on the other hand, this monitoring of time can get out of hand very easily. If, for instance, your supervisor is the micromanager from hell (aka: Miss Manager) it will already be out of control.

You can only do your best with these people. Your (micro)manager’s ways are theirs, not yours. Don’t get nuts over it.

Be smart about your work time– do what you’re hired to do and give it everything you can.

*big thanks to the nice folks at jobschmob.com for letting me use their picture!

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