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Got Motivation?

This was part of my newsletter, but I thought I'd include it here (unfortunately without the cute guinea pig picture - which is viewable in the .pdf version of the newsletter).

Be what you want to see. In other words, lead by example. Don't ask your subordinates or colleagues that which you are not willing to do yourself.

Don't criticize management. Definitely not a way to motivate others.
People need to believe they're doing something for a bigger cause. If they see that cause as pointless, they will do less and morale will plummet.

Be present (do the one thing). This will at least give the illusion that you have things in order. Also, if subordinates see you spinning out of control, they will feel that you a: don't have time for them and/or b: cannot fully back them.

Know your people's strengths. Knowing what they're good at and capitalizing on it will not only make you look good, but will boost the team's morale.

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