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Lead By Example

Just what exactly would happen if employees performed their job responsibilities based on their managers’ examples?

Let’s see…

If your Idiot Boss lacks self-confidence:
- Chances are you’d gang up on subordinates and coworkers then beat them to a pulp so that you could make yourself feel better.
- You’d find something wrong with anything/everything that anyone else did.

If your Idiot Boss doesn’t care:
- No amount of pleas from others will make you stop. As a matter of fact, you will probably have the support of your Idiot Manager and they will want you to continue this way.

If your Idiot Boss doesn’t experience negative consequences:
- As long as you have the backing of your Bully Boss, chances are that Inhuman Resources will back you too. After all, wolves travel in packs, right?

If your Idiot Boss is arrogant:
- Then you will only have them to battle with for the title of Worst Boss Ever.

If your Idiot Boss has psychological problems:
- Well, I suppose some of these can be learned from enough exposure in the “right” surroundings.

If your Idiot Boss is a micromanager:
- Then you too will scrutinize every email for correct comma placement, use of bullet points and font size.
- Status reports will become the norm so that you can know every move your subordinates make, even in and out of the restroom.

Come on, doesn’t this sound like the kind of manager you’d want to be? The good news is, there are plenty of mentors like this out in the corporate world. One only has to open their eyes to witness it firsthand at every turn. So sleep tight, following their examples could very easily get you promoted… just you wait and see!

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