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Performance Review Etiquette

The whole point of the review is to sum up your job performance from the previous year. Sounds like a simple idea, but for some reason it gets turned inside-out so easily.

This is a good opportunity for our supervisors to make or break us. Unfortunately, there are just so many of those individuals out there that are out to cut others down. I never understood why treating others this way makes these people feel better. If that was me, I’d have night terrors over it until I reconciled the wrongs.

I certainly don’t think I’m naïve and I certainly don’t think I’m “righteous”. In this situation I’m just “right”.

Yesterday I had my yearly review. While it was an improvement over last year’s, it still contained unwarranted and incorrect comments about my performance. Many of the remarks were just not based in reality. Sadly, though I can prove I’m right, Inhuman Resources will just not accept it. So I have to live with more marks against my good name in this business.

In a way it’s amazing. I was discussing my review with my significant other and commenting that while my bat-$#@%-crazy manager’s remarks started off “positive”, they all ended up with an under-handed insult. Each one of them. It’s almost an art; a lot of thought had to go into that.

It was my LAST review in corporate America. I may bring it up again in another post for humorous impact, but I’ve otherwise let the insults go. It’s just not worth it, I’m better than that.

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