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Today I resigned

March 31, 2006

TO: Chief Clueless

FROM: Pied Piper

CC: Miss Understand, Miss Manager

RE: Resignation / 2 Week Notice

Dear Chief,

Please accept this letter as my official resignation from Company X.

As a courtesy, I will stay for 2 more weeks. Friday, April 14th will be my last day with the company.

Kind Regards,

Pied Piper

Copyright 2006 Pied Piper Consulting

Let me be the first to say Congrats!
You are my new hero!
and there was much rejoicing!
PostalPete Said-
Woooo Hoooooooooo I am so proud of you!!!

"C U Next Tuesday, Miss Manager"
Onward & upward, PP. Go for it!
Let the record Reflect that IP would still pee on Miss Manager, if you asked him to nicely.
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