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Vicious Cycle

Some people say the way to appease a micromanager is to keep them informed of all goings-on at all times.

Let me tell you what happens with Miss Manager:

I copy her on all email correspondences. I do this in an effort to keep her "informed". You know what happens then? Two minutes after I send any email out (and this happens ALOT), she'll call and say, "Well what you should have said was this..." OR "you should have said it this way", OR "I would have said...".

So THEN I get into a cycle of telling her what I'm going to send and then sending it to HER first so that she can "proof" it (or format the hell out of it, put bullet points in it, bold/color font, etc).

Then that STILL does not guarantee that she won't call with "suggestions". As a matter of fact, it gives her an opportunity to judge me further, pick my CORRECT work apart and trample all over my self-esteem.

And then on the rare occasion that I do answer an email and don't copy her - like if it's a ridiculous question that doesn't warrant cc'ing the whole planet - she has a way of finding out and then ripping me a new one about it.

The moral to this story is - you CANNOT cure a micromanager, nor can you appease them. Telling them everything that you do only starts a vicious cycle.

So stop the insanity and back away from the email! They need to get over themselves and grab some self-esteem... THEIR OWN!!!

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I would pee on her.

And I'm not generally into the whole watersports thing.
send her Virgil's used litter, I can get a home address.
PostalPete Says:

My response would have been...

"Well, I SHOULD have beat the living sh$% out of you!"

"And I SHOULD have used the back of my hand to slap you instead of the open palm slap!"

"And I SHOULD have kicked you while you were down!"

"And I SHOULD be documenting this whole situation with bulletpoints, exclamation points, bold colors and lastly italics, but I didn't becasue I needed to get back to my life after I made you eat dirt!"

Phewwww.... that woman brings the WORST out in me!
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