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Who Doesn't Love a Quitter?

A friend of mine at my company tendered his resignation on Monday after 10 years of employment. He gave them 1 week's notice saying that he couldn't stomach another 2. He stated plainly, but briefly, his reasons for leaving. My hero. *sigh*

Since yesterday's blog was lengthy, I figured I'd keep this one short. Before you folks leave, be sure to check out this article on Secrets Your Company Doesn't Want You to Know . I read it earlier. Interesting stuff.

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Greatest Quitting Story ever: Worked my way through College working at a National Electronics Retailer. There aren't many, so you can guess.

This particular Retailer was fairly hard on their managers, and one of the management golden boys had gone from being golden boy to whipping boy in short order.

He walks into his store on a particular Saturday, having already lined up New Job. Throws keys on the counter, turns, moons, walks out. YES, Virginia, He mooned them.

That's my hero.
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