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Working Stiffs

A colleague of mine said to me today that our work environment is like a fraternity; the seniors haze the freshmen. When the freshmen move up, it’s then their turn to haze the new folks.

I’m not really sure why this occurs. But my friend was right – at least about our department. Fraternity cultures only breed more frat boys. It’s a shame. Management fails to see how this kills motivation and creativity.

Let me clarify when I say “haze”: I don’t mean that anyone gets whacked by a wooden paddle (or worse). The newcomers don’t even realize that they’re “pledges”. They think they’re just there to work – and they’re legitimately trying to make a good impression. However, by succumbing to the stupidity lent by their superiors, they’re allowing themselves in essence, to be hazed.

People need to realize when this happens to them so they can put a stop to it. Go back to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you.


photo used w/permission from the nice folks at jobschmob.com

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