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My last day of employment in Corporate America was not marked by celebrations, dancing, wet t-shirt contests or anything merry.

As I walked out, I felt disappointment. The system that I thought believed in me as I so naively believed in it many years ago disappointed me. I thought that after so long with the company my managers would see me off with congratulations and well wishes. I was sorry when that was not the case.

My departure was anticlimactic. Since it was a holiday weekend many people were already gone. I picked up my belongings (sorry, no trophy) and walked out the door. Before I reached the elevator Miss Manager came to say good-bye and disappeared quick. That was it. No “good luck”, no “It’s been nice knowing you”. Nothing.

I can’t say I’m surprised by that, although I am disappointed. I’m disappointed too that neither of her two managers had so much as 2 words to say to me since I put my notice in a few weeks ago. These are people I reported to for several years.

So people want to know how great it feels to finally put that place behind me. Did I boogie on out? Did I party till the sun came up? No.

Although I left with no regrets, I did leave with a hefty amount of anger, hurt and resentment. I know in time I’ll put it all behind me, but yesterday… well, it wasn’t what I expected.

When I got home I was so exhausted I slept for a few hours; it was the end of a very, very, VERY long day.

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In the end; who cares what corporate America thinks of anyone. You have believed in yourself and knew you were a better person despite all the hell they put you through. We all love you and know you are going to succeed in your next venture. Cheers for not letting the "man" get the best of you.
I agree with Schmoopy. I would add however, that Miss Manager still blows goats and probably has taken it up the ass from a clydesdale.
Disappointed in how they acted? Yes!! Shocked or surprised? Of course not!!!! You've taken the first step in confounding one of the toughest creedos in business!
You've stopped being " susceptible to the negative influences of other people"- or SNIOP. You've chosen your own path, & from those who've diminished & minimized your worth for so long, you'll find- silence!! They are now in your rearview mirror- so I say, good riddance!!
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