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Persona Non Grata

Persona non grata (Latin, plural: personae non gratae), literally meaning "an unwelcome person," is a term used in diplomacy with a specialized and legally defined meaning (wikipedia.com )

That's me.

I came in to work this morning and my computer didn't work and I was unable to access my voicemail. Hmmm... I looked at my phone and my name is no longer on it. I half expected to see someone from administration show up with a box for my things and escort me out the door. No one came.

IT got me back up with the computer, but I never bothered with the voicemail.

It was really amusing.

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I'm calling up tonight to leave sexy messages or I will play porn in the background.
You should bring some sort of trophy into work. On TV, whenever someone leaves a job, they always have a trophy in the box of stuff. Or just leave a shitload of condoms and KY in your desk drawer.
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