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The Dilbert Principle

I’ve been reading Scott Adams’ The Dilbert Principle. What a unique book. This guy really tells it as it is. What I find interesting is that he names companies he’s worked for and specific situations. Here I am, almost afraid to look over my shoulder if I so much as whisper anything about my blog and this guy goes all out.

Let me tell you about my life since my prison break last month. There is no more clarity now than there was then, I can tell you that. In a way, those miserable events leading up to my departure feel like they occurred a lifetime ago and to another person. Although I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’ve developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (like many in my situation have), but it’s been years since I haven’t been so closely scrutinized. My shoulders are just about in “resting” position – relaxed and away from my ears.

Remember how surreal 9/11 felt? It was a very real event but had very unreal aspects to it. My job experiences were very real events with some completely unreal twists and turns. The corporate culture was my terrorist. They were my Al Qaida. I only need to find some WMD and sent the troops in to set up a democracy and elect some new leaders. See, just like the real world, this will probably never happen and those on the inside don’t want outside assistance.

I’m almost too happy to oblige and stay out of it, but I won’t keep my mouth shut. One of my new goals is to break the habit of constantly looking over my shoulder.


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