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If YOU Were the Perpetrator

There’s been plenty said on bullying in the workplace. Heaven knows I sure have my piece to say about it. Then there’s books out there FOR Idiot Bosses. I recently saw an article on careerbuilder.com for the perpetrators of workplace bullying.

The thing is, no one is going to read an article or a book and have an “a-ha!” moment of “I’M THE IDIOT!!!” Really, if it were that simple, more people would be paying attention to start with and there wouldn’t be ugly managers in charge of people. They’d be left alone with angry ant farms to control.

So let’s just face up to the nasty reality that Idiot Bosses will very likely NOT change any time soon. If others in the company notice an Idiot’s behavior and have the ability to effect change, then fantastic – my hat’s off too you. However, most of us live in the real world, most of the time anyway.

Inhuman Resources is there to protect the company’s hide and incompetent managers are left in place: it’s the “victimized” employees who are left to suffer more abuse, damaged reputations and diminished self-esteems. They will have to fly the coop to be rid of a bully boss.

Unless of course one of those Acme anvils happens to come crashing down on them like in the Roadrunner cartoons. That would be so cool.

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