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Cheered by the Busload

It happened time and again that I would have terrifying dreams about work. Especially in my last job.

Last night however, I had a dream that I was sitting on a bench at a bus stop. It was a warm sunny day. There was someone to my right who I didn’t know. Then a woman approached and sat on the end of the bench next to this other person. It was Chief You’re Stupid from my last job (the bat-$#%@-crazy manager’s manager).

At that point a yellow school bus pulled up to the bus stop. The driver opened the door and people started to hang out of the bus and out of the windows. They were people I’d worked with over the past several years at my last job. It took me a moment to notice that they were cheering loudly. It took me another moment to realize that they were cheering for me. This busload of former colleagues was fully behind me and supportive. They were ecstatic.

It made me feel wonderful.

Then I looked to the right to see if the Chief was still there and she was… looking the other way. Not once did she acknowledge this boisterous crowd cheering me on. How typical. But you know, it was okay. Her opinion never mattered to me anyway. I just thought the dream was cool.

I was on that bus!
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