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Researcher says bullied workers need outlet for workplace grievances

Cheers to another genius.

I have the perfect solution: the back of my hand meeting the side of my bat-$#@%-crazy manager's head. Repeatedly.

This does not mean in any way that I condone workplace violence. That would just create a nasty cycle. It's unnecessary.

I use the hand-smack as an example of a solution that would work for many people. It would work for people because there just aren't many other good solutions in place for the benefit of bullied workers. Inhuman Resources is not there for the employees (in many cases anyhow).

Let's see what other options there are... aside from filing a formal grievance with HR (which as I mentioned isn't likely to go over well), there aren't many choices that will alleviate the toxic situation for the employee. There's always the option to hire a lawyer and sue, although most people probably won't do that.

Then there's quitting the job, which seems to offer the best solution. It's the best solution because the bully boss will not likely change anytime in the foreseeable future. Also, it takes the bullied worker out of the dangerous environment. So now the stress-related health issues that developed during the last job can now be healed since going to the gym for stress-releasing workouts didn't offer Mace-Handling 101 as an aerobic activity.

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