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Self-Helpless Hits 100 Posts!!!

That's right folks, today marks the 100th post on this blog.

For the last eight months you've joined me on my journey to quit my last "corporate" job into self employment/entreprenership.

There have been idiot bossses that produced stupidity in mass quantities whether we needed it or not and we fought back as a result. Those of you who have, you know who you are. You continue to be my heroes, the wind beneath my wings.

For everyone else out there still in hell, I mean, working for bad management, there is a solution: Quit or get fired. Unless of course, there's a chance your boss will quit or get fired first.

Continue to visit and keep reading. I don't have any answers or nonviolent suggestions, but hopefully you'll enjoy my musings.

By the way, for those of you who aren't aware... Self-Helpless: The Book, is almost finished! Completion is scheduled for July 31st. If all goes well, I could have a book in print for the fall. Also... the book needs a title. So far nothing has grabbed me. If you have suggestions, please submit them - my only requirement is that they need to have SELF-HELPLESS in the title.

If any of you want me to include your stories, now is the time to speak up!!! My stories run parallel with yours, so they should be considered together.

Let me know. Until then, I thank you once again for support.

I don't know about everyone else - but "Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl" might be a great plae to start. This is your blog root. Go with what brought you where you are. Kind of a thank you to the "little people" that have followed since the beginning. I am so proud of you. 100 and counting! SWEET! Publishing possibilities... you are the biggest Schmoopy if ever there was a Schmoopy. :-D
um... typo. plaCe.
Also, to add to your horrible boss experiences, I am scripting the hell that is my life on how one owner (25% owner) is trying to conduct hinky business to make one of the other owners (50% owner) look like clippings during a time of weakness. Ladies and Gents, that weakness is.... (drumroll)... 50% owner's wife has just passed away with CANCER. Yes, that's right. We have an emotion predator on our hands here. Translation - He is weak, lets use this time to be snakes and get what I want! Geez, I should start my own blog with the evil doings of the hell that is MY daily work life!
You're the Schmoopiest if ever there was a Schmoopy!
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