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One Man’s Poison is Another Man’s Boon?

I love Careerbuilder.com. They inspire me. For instance, They published an article titled, “10 Ways to Poison Your Career”. When I read this I thought that these were the exact reasons I didn’t like my former bosses. Let’s see...

1. Possessing Poor People Skills. Yup, they had none.

2. Not Being a Team Player. You mean they were actually ON a team???

3. Missing Deadlines. This one should read, “Changing deadlines as we see fit, with no rhyme or reason”.

4. Conducting Personal Business on Company Time. Hell-o? Devil Wears Prada…

5. Isolating Yourself. Again, see #2. These people are about themselves only.

6. Starting an Office Romance. This one isn’t applicable. In order to have a romance, one would have to have a heart, which I never saw evidence of.

7. Fearing Risk or Failure. Yes, the insecure ones will do what they can to hold their talented employees back and damage their reputation.

8. Having No Goals. Sure, they have goals. Terrorizing their staff is a big job, you know.

9. Neglecting Your Image. They don’t have to worry about their image, these people are usually the most protected ones at a company.

10. Being Indiscreet. Yeah, when information gets back to employees about trash the boss was saying about them… I’d say that was indiscreet.

So, while these are things you should avoid when working in an office environment, beware that this kind of behavior not only exists in management, it is many times rewarded.

One of these days I’ll actually figure out WHY.

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