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When the Boss Trashes Their Employees

It's one thing for a manager to feel that a member of their team is not ready for a promotion. It's quite another to for that manager to laugh at that same employee's desire to try. Yet I've witnessed this. I'm not quite sure why it happens or even why the manager thinks it's okay to do this in front of other subordinates, but there you go.

This is one of those many instances where you scratch your head in wonder over how such an individual has gotten to where they are. It was probably a combination of being in the right place at the right time and they actually did their job well enough to be noticed. Of course, neither scenario takes into consideration whether or not that person actually possesses people skills and can lead others into battle, or well, just help them on their climb up the ladder.

Many times the person impersonating a manager was out there by another manager that is impersonating a manager.

I have no time for managers who make public displays. It is unprofessional and should not be tolerated at any level. We see this too often, don't we?
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