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And the Winner is…

Just suppose that you could choose who your next boss would be. You know - like if you could vote for them in an election.

Of course, having an election could potentially bring in a whole new set of problems and office politics. But let’s put that aside for the time being.

Who would you vote for? What qualities would you value over others? Holding an election not only makes the candidate work hard for the job, but makes the candidate accountable to the people they will lead. They will have to prove that they are good leaders, good workers, good communicators, and of course good people.

For good measure (and to see if they’re a true sport), you should hold relay races as well as debates. Potato sack races might work too. If you want to see how crafty they are, send them on a treasure hunt with the job they want at the end if they win it. You could set up an obstacle course for the candidates to navigate through while riding tricycles.

Let’s face it; at the end of the day it would be good to have a boss with a sense of humor. Tests and games would allow that to shine through. Here’s the opportunity to test the theory. I mean really, why should the stuffy upper management be the only ones to decide who gets promoted? Their opinions might be valued, but the people who will be governed should choose their leader.

Now who’s up for a good game of “Pin the Spine on the Boss”?

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