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Cupid in the Cubicle

Office romances are a way of life. When you consider how much time is spent at the office, it’s really no surprise that work becomes a great way for singles to meet other singles.

The problems arise when you:

A: Blab about your trysts to all of your friends
B: Play footsie during the weekly meetings with your paramour
C: Date while going against company policy
D: Have a very public break up

While there are many people that see no problems with intra-office dating as long as the work is not interrupted, there are plenty of people that will tell you not to go there. It’s a fine line to walk, so tread carefully.

More to come

And of course there is always the awkward interactions after you break up when both people are thinking "Are they going to make a scene? Are they going to be weird? Am I acting weird? Why did I ever think this was a good idea?" But I guess that's part of the fun.
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