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Fan Club or Fight Club?

Creating tension will only cause problems; they will not lead to work getting done faster or more efficiently. Be a part of the solution, not the problem (don't you love cliches?). Create a fighting force that will accomplish amazing feats and make you look like a superstar. No one will do that for you if you put them down or threaten them.

I mean, at the end of the day if you’ve done your job right, there would be no need for the boss to be anything other than grateful to you for doing what you’re supposed to, right? I get it: what do we expect when we accomplish that which we’re hired to do, right? This isn’t about anyone bowing down to us. This is about courtesy and mutual respect. We do not expect you to lick our boots, but you can repay us not just by giving us a paycheck every other week, but by not finding fault with something completely unrelated and solely for the sake of putting us down. There’s always tomorrow to nitpick about an issue that needs attention. Right now we need to feel like we’re not total failures. We’d appreciate it if you can remember that from time to time.

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