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Dressed for Success?

Years ago when I still believed that I could move up in my career, I had a conversation with my manager. I'd been working at this particular company for over a year and I was getting concerned with what I needed to do to get promoted.

My manager told me that I needed to dress for the job I wanted. Of course I couldn't afford to dress quite like that, but I caught the drift: I needed to dress for success.

Then I thought some more about it and it struck me odd that this advice was coming from an individual who rotated the same 3 outfits for as long as I knew them. Not only that, this person smoked non-stop. So on top of the same 3 outfits, there was a consistent stale stench of old cigarette smoke. To make matters worse, when I used to speak to my manager I had to hold my breath because their breath was so awful it could peel wallpaper.

Thankfully I got the promotion I worked for... and then I no longer had to report directly to this person. But I just find it interesting that it's people like this that give advice that they themselves don't heed.

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