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Fed to the Wolves?

I’ve been reading Was Your Boss Raised by Wolves recently (yes I know, such fun books I amuse myself with), and I’ve come across many interesting tidbits. Of course I won’t get into all of them at once, but I will talk about first story that struck me. It was the story about a man who, although he was a good worker and good at what he did, ultimately was squeezed out of his job (actually I think he was fired) because he did not fit in with the company’s corporate culture. It sounds to me as though whoever was in charge of hiring him did not have the foresight to know that this was not going to work out.

If there isn’t a stringent hiring process in place, then there needs to be. So this poor guy I read about was ripped a new one every day he went in to work. It made me uncomfortable to read the story because quite frankly, it really hit home. I’m also sure that this happens more than we realize as well. It’s important to thoroughly screen all viable candidates before bringing them on board for a specific job.

If your company is a fast-paced investment banking firm where people live or die by the stock market, it might not be the best place for someone who lacks a killer instinct. It really hits the employee very hard and it’s unfair. I know, here I go again all “Whah, life’s not fair”, but people don’t seem to look out enough for one another. It’s great if someone has the credentials to do a job, but getting a job done and fitting in to the overall culture of a business are two very different animals. In the end, the fired employee then has to explain to the next prospective employer why they have that smudge against them and it’s just not their fault. It does suck to be them.

Just something else to think about folks. Carry on.

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