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IM: Devil in Disguise?

Here's something that occurred to me: Is IM really good for us?

Employees like IM because it allows for the opportunity to stay connected with pretty much everyone they know. It’s a way to chat conveniently with co-workers, clients, and friends.

But has anyone given thought to the notion that IM is actually a bad thing? A tool designed to keep workers chained to their desks? So do you think bosses really hate this tool now or not?

In an article by cbsnews.com, studies show that individuals in office jobs tend to gain more weight. They gain more weight because they’re sedentary than those that work on their feet or who have more active jobs. Office workers are even more sedentary now due to the use of IM: You don’t have to get up off your ass anymore!

So, while your boss may bellyache that you (or anyone) is on IM nonstop – whether for work or social purposes – they will always know where you are. On top of that, it’s killing you! Weight gain can increase dangerous health risks.

Don’t give in to it. If you have the opportunity to see someone face-to-face, seize it! Your waistline (and probably your heart) will thank you for it.

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