b Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl: Office Romances for Dummies, Part II



Office Romances for Dummies, Part II

…continued from yesterday:

True to my personality, I turned my date into an ax-wielding-homicidal-alcoholic-dead-beat-dad who chewed food with his mouth open before the date even happened. Forget about a second date; in my mind I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the first one. Luckily, that proved not to be the case.

What happened at the office: I either had to stop dating my beau or I had to stop talking to the people at work. I chose the latter. Social conversation did not cease altogether, however, I did separate myself a little bit from those I was friendly with. It’s hard to avoid an aspect of your life that you previously joked about with others. Still, I knew it needed to be done or my reputation potentially would be finished.

So here’s today’s advice: Don’t share secrets with others that you do not want becoming public! Even though people promise, they still can crack under pressure or just innocently slip up. Consider if that’s a risk worth taking. For me it wasn’t.

There is a way you can test the waters if you really want to share this with others: let them in on smaller secrets and see if you hear about it through the grapevine. It’s an option, that’s all I’m saying.

Stay tuned for more tales of Office Romances for Dummies…

I love this!
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