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Time Management Techniques

For the discerning micromanaging boss: Microsoft has a Journal feature that works real well. When turned on, it tracks all of your activities until you turn it off. It helps you guage how long certain tasks take. This way your bat-$#@%-crazy boss can either constantly check up on what you’re doing or simply receive super-detailed status reports each day. Microsoft calls this “evaluating your efficiency”. Either way, it’s delightful (right). Of course, it might actually help when your manager sees exactly how disruptive they are to your day when they see how much they interrupt you.

There’s also this bit on time management: Follow this link to see suggestions on how to manage your email while you’re out of the office. I can tell you how I manage email when I’m out of the office: I ignore it! If I’m on vacation or taking a personal day, I’m NOT concerned with what’s going into my email. If I don’t run the company, I don’t give a rat’s ass. It’ll still be there tomorrow.

Here’s another thought: Hire Wile E. Coyote to chase after your idiot manager. I hear he freelances (the coyote). Of course, he’s never been really successful, but his techniques are sure to give you a reprieve from your boss’ delusional antics for an afternoon. If nothing else it should provide some much-needed comic relief.

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