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When You’ve Been “Restructured”

Back on August 29th, I posted an article entitled Because I’m the Boss, That’s Why. It was a teensy rant on “change management” (read the post to see why).

As I was sweating it out in my Bikram Yoga class this morning, I determined I needed to include one other little thing about it.

Change Management + Restructuring = I QUIT

I was restructured in my last job. It certainly felt as though my talents were tossed to the wayside (and indeed they were). However, in addition to hearing the rhetoric about how change was good for me and how I needed to be flexible (oh I hate that one), what really got me was how my managers said that I would be better at this job. Apparently I possessed many of the qualities for this new area that I was placed in. Okay, but what about the rave reviews I received while at my previous post?

There was no prior discussion about a completely new job or direction that I might be interested in. Nor was there any forum for me to display these talents that they told me I possessed that would make me excel in my new role. I was a true “people person” that was being ripped from a role that I enjoyed – because of the people – into a role that forced me into a dark corner – completely away from all people. Now how do you suppose that transition went?

In order for change to work for all involved, there really needs to be open communication. When there isn’t, it makes people feel as though they’ve been sabotaged, and frankly that would be accurate. I’ve said it before, but this kind of behavior screams, “Leave”. I don’t think that this behavior can be interpreted any other way.

Do you?

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