b Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: The Official Book Marketing Low-Down



Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: The Official Book Marketing Low-Down

My book is on its way! It'll (finally) be available around Thanksgiving - I'll keep everyone posted. The following is some of the marketing material provided by the printer/publisher that will accompany the book's release:

"Gail Hamlin's new book, Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: Tales of Survival From the Corporate Battlefield, tells the stories of embattled employees in the United States, struggling to do a good job, while at the same time having to put up with a moron for a boss. This is a widespread problem that the upper management of most American corporations invariably dismiss as rare or inconsequential, and thus not worthy of their attention. Even Big Media has generally neglected the plight of white-collar workers made miserable by the excessive demands, harassment, and overall stupidity of their so-called "superiors."

The book's stories are true, and are intended to inform, horrify, and entertain the reader, all at the same time. The book informs the reader as it provides an accurate overview of exactly what is happening in far too many workplaces in America. The book horrifies in the sense that, even for readers who are veterans of management idiocy, they may be stunned to learn of true incidents that can boggle the mind. The book entertains through its genuine humor, irreverent perspective, and satirical tone.

Yet the book also offers help and hope, because each chapter offers a lesson to be learned from the corporate management problem upon which it focuses, as well as thoughtful commentary which can serve as an effective starting point for the employee -- or the wise organization -- to begin addressing and solving the problems, before further damage is done to the workers who make such organizations even possible."

YAY! IP FREELY is going to be FAMOUS! His tale of managerial woe is now complete, though his previous manager has repeatedly threatened to sue him for quitting. Indentured Servitude apparently still exists!
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